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​BuySupps Product of the week PCT Xtreme Review

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Name: PCT Xtreme

Brand: Iron Labs Nutrition

Amazon Price: 19.99

BuySupps Price: £18.99

This Week Promotional Price: £15.19

(Promo Code: POTW)

What is PCT?

PCT stands for Post Cycle Therapy.

Just as the name suggests the purpose of PCT is to help restore the body and retain muscular gains immediately after the use of a prohormone or similar anabolic compound or supplement.

Why do you need it?

After a cycle it is common for certain aspects of health such as fertility and energy levels to decrease often meaning the user losses a lot of the gains in strength and size put on during their cycle. This is where having the right supplement in place to support your bodies need’s is key.

What should you look for in a PCT Supplement?

  • It should support normal testosterone levels
  • Control estrogenic hormonal activity
  • Support fertility and sexual function
  • Provide liver support and antioxidants
  • Support mental wellbeing and energy levels

Should you Buy PCT Xtreme?

Well if you are looking for a market leader in terms of formulae and results then look no further. With thousands of customers globally, this UK manufactured product is safe and reliable. Why not check out the reviews on this site or on Amazon for yourself where you will find and overwhelming quantity of top 5* reviews.

And now with an extra 20% off this week with free shipping you’d be mad to buy it anywhere other than right here on BuySupps.


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Welcome to BuySupps

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