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Amino Acids

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Amino acid Supplements and Health Benefits

Amino acids are a group of natural compounds that combine to form proteins. Amino acids are essential for us to survive as they help your body to grow, repair itself and digest food among many other processes.

Amino acids are broken down into three groups, known as essential, nonessential and conditional. Essential amino acids must come from food while nonessential amino acids are produced naturally by the body as well as being provided by your diet. Conditional amino acids don’t usually play a large part of an everyday diet, but are required during periods of illness or stress for strength and recovery.

As amino acids aid muscle repair, it is useful to receive an additional dose when training. The right amino acid should help to repair muscle and minimise tenderness.

The easiest way to boost your intake is through amino acid supplements. Browse our amino acid supplements range below to start getting the most out of your work out.

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