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Antioxidant Supplements and Health Benefits

Antioxidants are molecules which prevent the oxidation of other molecules.

Although oxidation is a crucial function, it can sometimes cause damage in certain situations. For example, some oxidation reactions can release free radicals which can damage or destroy cells. These types of harmful reactions occur when there is an insufficient supply of antioxidants and can go on to cause or worsen conditions such as cancer, strokes and neurodegenerative diseases. As a result antioxidants are now used to treat or prevent such illnesses and strengthen immune systems.

The three vitamins most rich in antioxidants are beta-carotene, vitamin E and vitamin C. These can be found in natural sources such as colourful fruit and vegetables and also in vitamin supplements. It is advised to carefully limit the intake of these antioxidant vitamins as overdoses can cause health problems.

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