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Creatine Supplements and Health Benefits

Creatine is produced naturally by amino acids in the body to supply energy during more intense periods of exertion. Almost all (95%) of the natural creatine in the body is found in skeletal muscles, such as the biceps, quads and abs.

As creatine provides extra energy resources, it is favoured by athletes and those looking to build muscle as it allows the body to exercise for longer. When used as part of an exercise regime creatine allows the body to adapt to higher intensity workouts more quickly, delivering results in a shorter period of time.

As the creatine naturally created by the body only lasts for a brief period of time, levels need to be topped up from other sources. Creatine can be found in red meat and fish but the most effective way to significantly increase creatine levels is by taking supplements. The most popular supplements come in the form of flavoured creatine powder which is mixed with water and drunk.

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