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Guarana Supplements and Health Benefits

Guarana is a species of climbing plant commonly found in Brazil.

The guarana plant is best known for its seeds, which contain caffeine to act as a natural pesticide to insects but function as a stimulant when consumed by humans. The levels of caffeine in guarana seeds are double the concentration found in coffee beans.

Guarana extract is often taken in supplement form to increase alertness or improve performance during physical exertion. It is also suggested that guarana can be used as a weight loss aid and its effectiveness is said to increase when combined with polyphenol compounds found in green tea.

Side effects of consuming caffeine include physical twitches or shakes, disturbed sleep and an elevated heart rate. However, a tolerance to these effects develops over time but they may be more prominent at first in users who don’t regularly consume average to high levels of caffeine. It is advised to take guarana extract supplements with due care.

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