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Resveratrol Supplements and Health Benefits

Resveratrol is a naturally occurring polyphenol that can be found in some species of plants and fruits.

It is reported that resveratrol can protect certain cells from being damaged, helping to prevent certain diseases. For example, resveratrol stops the oxidation of unhealthy cholesterol cells which can cause heart disease. It can also prevent Alzheimer’s disease as it protects nerve cells and stops the build-up of plaque which is thought to be a cause of the degenerative neurological condition. It is said that resveratrol can increase longevity and act as an anti-ageing treatment too.

Although scientific evidence to support these claims is limited, resveratrol can be used in conjunction with a healthy diet to benefit your lifestyle.

Resveratrol is present in red wine, as it is produced in the skin of red grapes. Alternatively, supplements made from the root of Japanese knotweed also contain resveratrol.

Resveratrol supplements can come in the form of tablets or powders - browse our full range and start reaping the multiple benefits of this supplement today.

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