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Wheatgrass Supplements and Health Benefits

Wheatgrass is the young grass-like leaves sprouted by wheat seeds as they begin to grow.

Considered something of a superfood, wheatgrass is packed with antioxidants as well as nutrients including vitamins A, C and E, B group vitamins, zinc and iron. It is claimed that wheatgrass can help to improve health conditions such as poor circulation, inflammation and fluctuating blood sugar levels. Although there is little scientific evidence to support these claims, nutrient-rich wheatgrass can be used to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Wheatgrass is rarely eaten in its natural form as the grass can be difficult to digest. Instead the juice is pressed from the grass and served in small shot sized portions. Supplements are also available in the form of wheatgrass powder and tablets - browse the range of BuySupps wheatgrass products to starts reaping the rewards of this superfood sooner rather than later!

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